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A little about us

The philosophy of Park Child Care Centre is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment in which the children will be stimulated socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively in groups, as well as on an individual basis  according to the development of each child.

Our staff at Park Child Care are dedicated to providing your children with a first-class early development education.  

We focus on children ages 12 months to 12 years.  Government Programs (CWELLC), Subsidy Available for Full and Part time Programs.

Below is a little about our three classrooms.... Toddler, Pre-School and School Age. 

       Funky Frogs Preschool Program
Our Funky Frog room is for ages 2 ½ to 4 yrs old. In this room we strive to focus on preparation for kindergarten. Our days are structured to imitate what it will be like when your child goes off to school. Some concepts we are continuously working on are: spelling our names, counting, recognizing shapes and colours, letter and number recognition, and having great manners while always being a good friend. We teach these concepts in a fun, interactive way that involves games, stories, singing and dancing, fine motor activities, and gross motor activities. We believe every moment in your child’s day is a teachable moment. 

       The Busy Bee Toddler Room
Our Busy Bee Room is for ages 12 months to 2 ½ years old.  This room is all about routine and setting the basics. These are the most memorable times for your child, as this is where they learn the basics of being. We encourage your child to feed themselves, use manners and always be nice to our friends. When the time is right we start potty training, this is an exciting time for your child and is always encouraged at home. During the day we keep your children busy with fun games and activities to help stimulate them cognitively, physically and emotionally. We learn about our shapes, colours, numbers and letters on a daily basis as part of our curriculum.  We love sensory play and frequently are found playing with various sensory items. You can always tell how your child’s day has gone by how dirty their clothes are. 

      The Crazy Owls School Age Room
The Crazy Owl Room is a before and after school program, and during the summer we offer a full day program for children aged 4 years to 12 years. This is a fun interactive room. We strive to keep the structure from school within the program but also keep things fun for your child. We like to incorporate some more challenging activities in the room such as dynamitic games with rules, search and find etc. All to keep your child’s mind active whether they are in school or out of school for the summer. In The Crazy Owl room we strive to teach your child to be as independent as possible such as working out problems with others, compromise, working for rewards. We incorporate all different types of learning within the room such as hands on, cognitive, audio, and visual. It’s all about making learning fun and exciting for the children.  We welcome all new friends to our classroom with open arms, just come in and see what we’re all about.  

Hours of Operation: 7am - 6pm, Monday - Friday, Full and Part time Programs Available
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