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To set up your tour, Call and ask for Mandy or Taheera
795 Park Road South Oshawa, ON  L1J 4J9
Phone: (905) 433-0600
Email: parkchildcare@rogers.com 

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 6am - 6pm
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As of June 2019
Our fees below are our basic full time rates, based on 5 days/week. For Part time fees, please contact the Centre for availability and cost.

TODDLER - $245/wk

PRESCHOOL - $235/wk

SCHOOL AGE - $215/wk (summer program) 

SCHOOL AGE - $185 (before & after school programs)
You know you're a Parent when.... 

- You are watching the Disney channel and your children aren't even around

- Your handbag is filled with toys and snacks

- Your excited to go to the dentist because you'll have a few minutes to read a magazine

- You go to McDonald's for sanity and not the food

- You can't wait for nap time because your kids are driving you crazy and as soon as they are asleep you miss them

...And then you look into your child's eye and know the world is so much brighter because of them!